It is a suite of solutions that allows you to create content in an automated way, dynamically identifying and segmenting the online audience, delivering personalized content in real time and adapting to the profile or behavior of the user during navigation on the site.

It synthesizes all the functionalities of Braindw.
Sending personalized emails with relevant content.
It generates graphic pieces in an automated and simple way.
Create content related to a particular campaign.

It is a real-time online intelligence platform that identifies dynamic browsing profiles and behaviors, creating and supplying offers and content (videos, rich media, banners with products or offers and on-the-fly prices) to groups which comply with certain business rules.

Braindw allows its customers to access a tool capable of satisfying large volumes of work without demanding a huge investment. We currently implement this suite in sites such as:,,,,, and, achieving a rapid positioning in the main retailers in Argentina.

Our content delivery model is based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) format, as it can operate with low system requirements. Braindw allows online merchants to test our ultra-personalization technology with low implementation costs.

In mid-2013 we decided to start the project of a platform that could meet the demand for dynamic content. This project was developed during two years of work under an important economic investment. Braindw was launched in July 2015 with the implementation of one of its 5 modules, the automated Banners and Newsletters (BNF) factory to make shipments of