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We use a model that integrates different commonly used platforms in an original and unique way

Our artificial intelligence engine online and in real time, retains and tracks each of the activities that the users of a website perform, the products they watch, the ones they add to the car, their searches, the latest products that visit, the ones you buy and your favorite categories.

This allows you to identify your profile immediately by giving it a HIGH RELEVANCE content in real time, it also gathers certain information over time which allows you to build an enriched profile of the user or consumer. This combination is the basis of the product recommendations that are presented to buyers.

This ability of the platform to respond in real time, allows to recognize for example that a user is doing a Smart TV search, you can show a dynamic banner, which only appears in the case that a certain rule is met, for example that is in a certain geographical area, this banner can simultaneously raise in real time the latest offers created by the retailer, attaching images and description.

If we also have a Braindw cookie installed on the user’s machine, the platform can send you an email with the same offers in real time, thus producing a determining effect for the user’s purchase decision. It’s what Google has called ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth).

The Script allows to identify certain dynamic data coming from the visitor at the moment of entering; such as the location by Geo IP, the device with which you enter or the operating system from which you are connecting.

On the other hand, in the case that the platform recognizes that the user is registered in the database, it takes the historical data of purchase (average purchase, gender, among others) and integrates them with the dynamic data to publish content or send emails in function of the rules that users comply with.

The platform also allows to establish ranges of value in the products that are going to be published based on certain variables included in the business rules; which allows inferring the purchasing power of the buyer. For example: If it detects that a user accesses from an area of high purchasing power or through an iPhone, iPad or Samsung 7 and / or device, or that the operating system from which it is accessing is an OSX; Then it will show you products of a high price range.

The factory of banners and newsletters provides in real time the templates designed in a creative and automated way to deliver contents dynamically.

Depending on the rules that are met, a layer banner html can be incorporated on the site and / or replace a piece of the website, such as the heading of a category.

A couple of useful features are: identify those users who leave their shopping cart and those who perform a search.

In the case of abandoned cars, at the end of the day an email is sent to the users who filled a car and left it; offering them some benefit to close the purchase in a certain period. At the same time in the next visit the user will see a banner reminding him that if he completes the car, he will get a discount.

In the case of search results, the user receives an email with offers and / or products related to the category he searched.

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Somos una empresa que integra tecnología, creatividad y marketing con una visión orientada a resultados para nuestros clientes, esto es: Digital Business 360°

Planteamos estrategias y soluciones para cada necesidad en particular, creando y desarrollando plataformas o servicios digitales para que nuestros clientes logren los resultados esperados. Somos un equipo integrado por especialistas en tecnología, innovación, desarrollo, comunicación, creatividad y marketing, que entiende cómo se comportan los consumidores digitales, cómo toman su decisión de compra y qué esperan de su marca. Nos sentimos 100% partners de nuestros clientes.


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Oferecemos uma poderosa plataforma de personalização em tempo real

NDW é uma inovadora empresa de marketing digital de 360 ° que possui uma Plataforma de Inteligência Artificial Online que melhora as taxas de conversão de seus clientes por valores superiores a 30%.
A plataforma Braindw oferece uma solução de ponta a ponta, desde a plataforma Smart Commerce até a geração automatizada de conteúdo.

Desenvolvemos plataformas de comércio eletrônico 100% integradas com Inteligência Artificial

Aumentamos a capacidade de criar e gerar conteúdo automatizado em tempo real

Aumentamos significativamente as taxas de conversão dos clientes com ROI de 800%

Nós segmentamos, agrupamos e identificamos o público em tempo real

Alguns dos nossos clientes mais relevantes

Business Intelligence
Email Smart Sender

Business Intelligence
Email Smart Sender

Interfases Mobile Invision

Braindw / E-marketing  Business Intelligence
Email Smart Sender

Nossos produtos e serviços

“Estou convencido de que, cedo ou tarde, todos os sites usarão uma plataforma de BI online em tempo real como a nossa.”

Roby Cibrian, NDW CEO

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We offer a Powerful Real-Time Personalization Platform

NDW It’s an innovative 360 ° digital marketing company that has an Online Artificial Intelligence Platform that improves your client’s conversion rates by more than 30%.
The Braindw platform offers an end-to-end solution, from the Smart Commerce platform to automated content generation.

We develop 100% integrated e-commerce platforms with Artificial Intelligence

We increase the capacity of creation and generation of automated content in real time

We significantly increased conversion rates for customers with Braindw banners ROI from 800%

We segment, group and authenticate audiences in real time

Some of our most relevant clients

Business Intelligence
Email Smart Sender

Business Intelligence
Email Smart Sender

Interfases Mobile Invision

Braindw / E-marketing  Business Intelligence
Email Smart Sender

Our Products and Services

“I am convinced that sooner or later all websites will use an online BI platform in real time like ours.”

Roby Cibrian, NDW CEO

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